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Great to see the staying power of consumer confidence and spending. This also correlates with earning reports from retailers such as Walmart and Macy’s showing positive growth.

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Despite leadership exits and battles with regulators, Uber continues to deliver strong revenue growth. That shows the first mover advantage they have in the ride-share business. It’s hard to believe Khosrowshahi has taken over the top job at Uber for a year already, and interesting to see the big strategic bets and shifts he has made in year one.

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Hiring Qi Lu to lead YC China is a big win for Y Combinator. With his leadership experience across major tech companies from Baidu, to Microsoft and Yahoo, he bridges tech companies and innovations between the world’s largest economies.

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Y Combinator to Set Up China Arm With Ex-Baidu Exec as CEO

Former Baidu Inc. executive Qi Lu has been named head of Y Combinator China, marking the American startup incubator’s first full-fledged international effort.

Bloomberg | Aug 15, 2018