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I've never heard it formulated this way. Kind of provocative!

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If the Point of Capitalism is to Escape Capitalism, Then What’s the Point of Capitalism?

What Would Happen if We Gave Each Other the Things Capitalism Tells Us to Keep From Each Other?

Eudaimonia and Co | Oct 10, 2018

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Amazon’s “holy grail” recruiting tool was actually just biased against women

From 2014 until 2017, Amazon tried to build a tool that used artificial intelligence to rate the best job candidates like products on its website,…

Quartz | Oct 10, 2018

Agree. This is a generation war.

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America has become a gerontocracy

The average age of a congressional representative is 59, with leaders in their 70s and 80s. We must have lawmakers who look like the people they represent The United States has a gerontocracy probl...

Guardian (US) | Oct 6, 2018