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Shocking turnout for first day of early voting in Houston

Thousands of people were already camped out at a key early voting location in Houston on Monday morning, hours before voting was even set to begin. Nearly 2,000 people stood in line outside of the ...

Houston Chronicle | 18 hours ago

Can you now catch someone else idea. Soho house was a great idea that while it’s grown was almost always clear about who it was (except for once in nyc early on when they opened up their membership to wall streeters only to then have to withdraw the memberships as it proved to dilute its special sauce).

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Soho House Has 20 Billion Reasons to Envy WeWork

Who knew millennials would pay more to work than party?

Bloomberg | Oct 19, 2018

Sometimes you have to share cause it’s just that odd

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It Turns Out, Apartment Patty Has a Black Husband

As The Root was conducting our ongoing scientific research into how 911 became the technical support number for whiteness, our forensic investigative team, led by recent North Wakanda Higher Instit...

The Root | 18 hours ago