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What’s the most important leadership lesson ...”speak to audiences with stories.”

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Doris Kearns Goodwin knows what presidential leadership looks like

The presidential historian talks about her new book, Leadership: In Turbulent Times, and finding inspiration from previous Oval Office occupants. Historian and political scientist Doris Kearns Good...

Fast Company | Aug 14, 2018

And here’s the unvarnished truth: “Sec­ond an­swer: In a fact of life that ir­ri­tates many read­ers when I men­tion it, if you’re an or­di­nary scofflaw, you can pretty much ex­pect the law to be ad­min­is­tered as writ­ten. If you are Hillary Clin­ton or Elon Musk or any­body from whom large po­lit­i­cal rip­ples flow, the law is al­ways go­ing to treat you dif­fer­ently.”

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Not the best kind of coverage for Ford and it’s CEO. “In­side the com­pany, some ex­ec­u­tives have taken to ask­ing Mr. Hack­ett’s chief of staff, Clare Braun, to clar­ify his com­ments or di­a­grams fol­low-ing a meet­ing, say peo­ple fa­mil­iar with the mat­ter. Mr. Hack­ett said Ms. Braun un­der-stands how he op­er­ates and of­ten at­tends meet­ings in his place when he is un­avail­able.”

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