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Qatar has so far proven able to withstand intense economic and political pressure from the Saudis and the UAE for a foreign policy more to their liking. It helps to be a small country with lots of money. Now Qatar wants to help Turkey withstand pressure on its fragile economy from Donald Trump. On the one hand, it’s a risky investment. On the other hand, it’s a pledge...let’s see if it’s real money.

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Qatar to invest $15 billion in Turkey; source says banks the focus

Qatar pledged $15 billion of investment in Turkey on Wednesday

Reuters | 22 hours ago

Reading the daily back and forth between Taliban and US versions of the ever-oscillating balance of power on the ground, two questions remain: 17 years later, how does the US define victory? At what cost (blood, treasure, and time) can that victory credibly be achieved?

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Taliban assault on Ghazni flouts Afghan and U.S. hopes for truce, peace talks

Afghan forces belatedly repelled insurgents but may be losing a propaganda war.

Washington Post | Aug 14, 2018

Trump’s sanctions and tariffs didn’t make Turkey’s economy vulnerable. Erdogan is more responsible for that. But now Trump has added a lot of pressure on an already vulnerable economy…with possible implications for European companies caught in the middle. Can Erdogan back down gracefully from his fight with Trump? The better question: Can confidence be restored in Turkey’s economy under his leadership?

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Turkish lira crisis sends shock waves across emerging-market funds

Emerging-market assets are under pressure on Friday as troubles in Turkey’s currency stoked a broader concern about contagion in economies and assets in other regions viewed as so-called emerging m...

MarketWatch | Aug 13, 2018