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Truck makers rev up for rollout of electric big rigs

DETROIT (Reuters) - Tesla Inc <TSLA.O> Chief Executive Elon Musk put electric heavy commercial trucks on the map in November 2017 when he unveiled the company's futuristic, battery-powered Semi, booked hundreds of orders and said he would start delivering the vehicles by 2019.

Reuters | Oct 22, 2018

No one needs to pirate content. You just text your friend and ask to borrow their login. Sharing logins is priced into the business models. Netflix and Hulu formerly support multiple logins per account. Piracy wasn’t about stealing content. It was about having a convenient way of getting to the content when you wanted it.

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Streaming Exclusives Will Drive Users Back To Piracy And The Industry Is Largely Oblivious

As you probably have noticed, there's a growing tide of streaming video services popping up to feed users who want a cheaper, more flexible alternative to traditional cable. By and large this has b...

Techdirt | Oct 20, 2018

Watching Trump is like watching someone throw darts at a start a recession board. It’s just a matter of time before he hits the bullseye.

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Saudis Vow to Hit Back Against Any Measures Over Khashoggi

Saudi Arabia threatened on Sunday to use its economic clout to retaliate against any punitive measures, hitting back after U.S. President Donald Trump said he could take action against the world’s largest oil-exporter over the disappearance of a government critic.

Bloomberg | Oct 14, 2018