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Are we living in The Hunger Games? Interesting read on how social media can isolate us from the world’s biggest challenges

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We’re Living ‘The Hunger Games’ — And We Need To Change That

Most of us are familiar with The Hunger Games — the story of a fictional future society where an elite has everything and is oblivious to the suffering all around them, beyond an occasionally…

The National Memo | Jul 25, 2018

Great news from the Home Office that the UK government won’t stand in the way of drug testing at festivals

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Government won't 'stand in the way' of drug testing at festivals, says Home Office

‘Clarity from the government is a win, but we can go even further. Let’s make it a requirement that festivals and, if possible, nightclubs, have to ensure there is drug safety testing available’

The Independent | Jul 12, 2018

It is all about mindset - see obstacles as opportunities, use frustrations as inspirations and you’ll have more success

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Richard Branson reveals the best way to increase your chances for success—it's all about mindset

Rick Wilking/Reuters Virgin Media Business runs a pitch competition annually called VOOM. Below, Richard Branson reflects on this year's, and says each of the great entrepreneurs with brilliant bus...

Business Insider | Jun 29, 2018