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Consumers increasingly want the brands they do business with to stand for something beyond profits. And leaders are responding. Here’s a great piece about how more and more CEOs and business leaders are coming out and taking stands on social issues. Yes, there’s risk, but there’s also opportunity – to communicate a company’s authenticity and values.

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Why the Modern CEO Must Weigh in About Social Movements

Chief executives are looked at as accessible public figures now.

Fortune | 5 hours ago

Everybody wants to be more financially successful. And there are endless pieces of advice on how to do it. But here's one way: be generous. It might sound counterintuitive, but, as one study found, being unselfish is connected to higher incomes. And here are some great ways to bring the power of giving into your daily life.

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We have a mental health crisis in this country, and part of that is due to the difficulty – for whatever reason – many people have in reaching out. So any tool that can make it easier to seek help when it’s needed is welcome. That includes this non-profit targeted at young professionals called Empower, which allows people to connect to a trained volunteer via text, their preferred method of communication. It’s a great example of technology being used to enhance our humanity and connection to each other and ourselves.

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A new crisis hotline lets you text a counselor when you’re anxious at work

If there’s one problem with the mental health services available through your company, it’s that they’re available through your company. Sure, the professionals who answer…

Quartz | Oct 11, 2018