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We all know we’re living in a hyper-connected world, and many of us are working to create a healthier relationship with technology. But what about our kids’ relationship with technology? Colorado Senator Michael Bennet has proposed legislation encouraging new research on how tech addiction impacts today’s youth. As Bennet says, “Congress has a vital role to play on matters of public health.” It’s great to see this issue getting attention at the highest levels. Because we owe it to our children to help them navigate a world that’s only going to become more tech-saturated.

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Why Do We Know So Little About Technology’s Effect on Kids?

If passed, this new bill will allocate $95 million dollars to research technology's influence on children, which is something we really don't know much about.

Thrive Global | Jul 31, 2018

A good read before you head out for your summer vacation. According to one study, one-third of Americans choose their vacation spots based on being able to stay connected. This combination of business and leisure — yielding the regrettable word “bleisure” — is not a welcome trend. Working on vacation is a recipe for burnout. It’s not good for you and it’s not good for your job. So let’s rebuild those walls between work and play.

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Why Your “Work Hard, Play Hard” Vacation Is Not a Good Idea

According to a newly released report on millennial travel, the once clear boundaries between “work” and “play” are slowly dissolving and being replaced by new expectations.

Thrive Global | Aug 1, 2018

A great piece by Professor of Neurology, Psychiatry and Physiology Adam Gazzaley. Here he limns what he calls our “cognition crisis “ our epidemic of depression, anxiety, stress, and ADHD. As he writes, “technology is a cause – and a solution.” We’re at an inflection point in our relationship with technology – you can feel it in the air that people want change – and the insights in this piece can help accelerate the culture shift.

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The Cognition Crisis

Our lives on this planet have improved in so many amazing ways over the last century. On average, we are now healthier, more affluent and literate, less violent and longer living. Despite these…

Future Human | Jul 11, 2018